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I live and work locally in Brentford, and have done for just over 2 years. When I moved here I had very little knowledge of the area, and couldn’t believe the house prices when I looked them up. It’s certainly an up and coming area, but the way things are going, hard-working young professionals are completely priced out. At 30 years old I’m earning around £30k a year, which is supposedly what the average wage in London now is. In London However the average house price is over £500,000. If I walked into any bank wanting a mortgage for a property in the area, I’d probably be laughed out the door. As I’m sure you’ll be aware, there’s vast amounts of new housing (Flats in particular) springing up, as part of the regeneration. The new flats around Brentford Lock are particularly nice, however at over £400,000, completely unaffordable.
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