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Your Chance to Say No!

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Why? Because it will:

  • Mean NO supermarket for 2-3 years ripping the heart out of the community
  • Completely overshadow St Paul’s Primary School, affecting the health and education of OUR children
  • Create MORE parking issues
  • CUT OUT natural direct sunlight from a huge part of central Brentford
  • Seriously BLIGHT and IMPACT the St Paul’s conservation area

As part of the public consultation exercise, local residents produced and paid for 3000 leaflets to go into local letterboxes and shops in response to the Essential Living proposed plans for the Morrisons site.  It was entitled STOP THIS HAPPENING NOW and provided a few vital facts omitted from the publicity produced by the developers and called upon local people to make their objections heard.  It also asked residents to write in to the council by Feb 17th with suggested text for letter of objection .

On many grounds, this application is completely inappropriate for our town centre – 10 storeys high; overshadowing St.Paul’s Primary School and surrounding conservation area; 225 private rental flats – and no supermarket for up to 3 years.

In addition, a petition against the proposed Essential Living development of the Morrisons site, was set up in both paper and online form.  It called on Hounslow Council to refuse the planning application on the grounds that is it is over-bearing, out-of-scale and out of character with the surrounding vicinity

In two weeks, the petition secured just under 3,100 names.  As a result of our presence at Morrisons, with our petition stall, we learned that up to 23,000 people use Morrisons every week- and the shock and disbelief when shoppers learned that there was to be no supermarket for up to 3 years while the development takes place was palpable.

As a result of our efforts, we have been told that the application which was due to go before the planning committee on March 9th has now been put off until April or May. There will be an Essential Living presentation at the Brentford Community Council Meeting on March 13th.

To find out more about specific planning objections, please read the Brentford Community Council response, which deals with height, light, density and other issues.

Watch this space.

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