This is a website for and by local Brentford people who care about their town and seek to speak out where we feel the need to – not least on major planning developments and decisions where the processes are not always as transparent or  easy to understand as we need them to be.

As our leaflet says  ‘ Brentford does not seek to imitate any other part of London and that any new development in our town should seek to foster, serve, and enrich the existing community and its amenities, not remould or reshape it.

We hope to develop different ways to bring the whole of Brentford’s diverse community together – whether through actions related to developments such as petitioning or through community based events where we can celebrate our shared Brentford heritage – past, present and future.

We were inspired to set up Our Brentford Campaign after our two week petition presence at the Morrisons store where we had hundreds of face-to-face conversations with Brentford residents. Our work is voluntary and complements ongoing local activities by our friends and colleagues at other residents groups across the town.

Angela, Deborah, Margaret, Nick, Parule