Swiss Cottage Fiasco

A SKYSCRAPER is set to be built in Swiss Cottage after the government overturned Camden Council’s refusal and granted permission for work on the tower to go ahead. …

The work will mean the demolition of the 1980s buildings on the site, once home to the Hampstead and Highgate Express newspaper offices.

Essential Living, currently working on the refurbishment of the Archway Tower,  plans a further building of up to seven storeys for the site, creating 148 privately-rented homes, 36 “affordable” homes and space for new shops and restaurants. Space has also been offered to The Winch community centre to use at a subsidised rent. 

David Reed, member of Save Swiss Cottage Action Group, formed in opposition to the proposals, said: “My gut reaction is that the inspector listened to everything and then ignored it.

“Greg Clark has spoken about localism and said how local people should have more say but it has all gone completely out of the window. Local people have absolutely no influence. All they have done is go through the motions. They had a 10-day inquiry, they looked at all the arguments and dismissed them all. If an area like Belsize with all its history and heritage can’t defend themselves nowhere else in London has any chance.”


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